February Traffic Report 2018


It is a good time to be selling boats for you and us. While it is certainly Boat Show Season again, we also have a continually improving economy as well as better weather coming for our northern friends. Living and boating year round in Florida makes it harder to imagine US residents still seeing snow. They are starting to thaw out and are thinking about boats. 

Regardless of weather, we are still selling boats with many shipping out of our area. We closed on six vessels in February. Our year to date number increased to thirteen vessels sold. This run rate will help us meet or exceed sales figures from 2017 which was a record year.

What is exciting for our business, and also benefits you, our selling clients, is the increase in boat listings coming to MPYS. We welcomed thirteen new listings in February bringing our year to date number to twenty-three. To remain a viable business and cover the continuing price increases from Boats Group, owner of Yachtworld and Boat Trader, it is important to expand our listing base. This allows us to replace sold inventory as well as grow our business.

The value for you is clear. The more vessels we have in our inventory, the more eyes are on our Internet sites which inturn leads to more walk-ins and prospects for your boat. It is a win-win situation. Our continuing increase in listings is a function of our reputation, dual offices, professional yacht brokers around the US and your quality vessel. Of course, for you to see our efforts as successful and a true win-win, we need to sell your boat. That is one way we measure our success.

Once we sell a client’s boat, we hope their name and comments are added to our Testimonials. Reading our testimonials may be the best way to measure what MPYS is doing right through the eyes of past clients.

However, we must sell your boat. Let’s talk, share ideas and any concerns you may have.

Several boats sold in February that were listed for over a year. In one case it took just the right buyer to finally come along where his desires were met by the boat he purchased. Another buyer watched his dreamboat on our site for quite awhile. It was only when her price was reduced to a point he saw hope in owning her that he finally made the call.

Yes, timing and pricing are critical. If timing is an issue with your plans then we can only adjust pricing. We know by having sold over 500 boats that our process is working. We want to make it work for you.

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Best to you,

Tom Whittington  
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker