March Traffic Report


This remains the best time to sell your boat!

There was ample evidence of that in March with lots of showings, offers, and sea trials. Only 5 sales closed in March but we currently have 6 boats under contract or in the queue.

Whether we are showing and selling our MPYS inventory or finding a different dreamboat for a buyer, all of it indicates that the boat market is active.

Still, every seller understandably is concerned about missing the "season."

Isn't winter the best time to sell?

What if my boat doesn't sell by the time Snowbirds head north? 

The reality is, we sell boats all year round!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

·    Our northern buyers are still digging out.
·    Snowbirds are a small percentage of our buyers.
·    Tax refunds are a month away.
·    New retirees enter the market every week of the year.
·    Boat Show season is not over yet.
·    For many buyers, summer is the best time of the year to be on Florida's water.
·    We sell and ship boats all over Florida, the US and beyond!

It is all about prospective buyers searching the Internet, seeing a boat they like and then calling. 

To help you better understand the Internet exposure, this month’s Traffic Report includes some added information. The last two columns of the Report now break out “Listing Views” and “Impressions.”

The Impressions column shows total number of times your boat came up in a search on YachtWorld. It probably was one of many boats in the search. This is good she made the search criteria.

Listing Views shows the number of times a buyer clicked on your specific boat and looked at the listing. This is better. The more people that see her the better the chance of securing an offer.

This is what we aim for.

We continue to believe that when the boat is priced right, Listing Views (what we formerly called “hits”) will exceed 100 per week. There is no comparable “magic” number for Impressions. Some of our listings have several thousand Impressions in a month. It’s another measure of market activity, indicating there are many people dreaming about boats. The Listing Views show us they may be dreaming about your boat.

To create even more exposure for your vessel, MPYS has added your boat to another search engine. already has brought us three leads in our first month of use. There are buyers out there.

Please call me if you have any questions. You soon will hear directly from your broker with his latest update on your boat's activity.

Meantime, and as always, thank you for putting your trust in our company and the process that has proved so successful for so long.