May Traffic Report


We sincerely hope that June is the month we sell your boat! I’m sure that’s a hope that you share, as well.

There are encouraging signs in the market lately. For instance, Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales currently has 10 vessels under contract and due to close soon. If one of those boats is yours, congratulations!

If not, here are three suggestions that may go a long way toward getting your boat sold.

1.    Make sure your vessel ownership papers are up-to-date and in order.

One recent sale was delayed when we learned that, although the boat had an out-of-state title, she still was titled in Florida. The problem was resolved but it delayed closing. In another case, the hull identification number (HIN) on the boat did not match the HIN shown on the title. In the case of a Canadian-registered vessel, there was an unsatisfied lien from 1987.

Each of these situations created doubt in the buyer’s mind and anxiety for the seller, all of which could have been avoided. Help your broker. Review and validate your paperwork. We thank you for doing so.

2.    Make sure your boat is ready to sea trial.

Once your vessel is under contract, the next step is a marine survey and sea trial. Your buyer typically is full of excitement and anticipation. Nothing discourages a buyer, or sets a negative tone for a surveyor, like dead batteries, or simple things like a horn, VHF or bilge pump that don’t work.

If you haven’t run your boat lately, we recommend a shakedown cruise prior to sea trial so you can discover items like these—and fix them—before they sink your deal.

3.    Make sure you and your Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales broker are in regular contact.

We know you want to sell your boat or you would not have signed a Listing Agreement with us. Your broker is copied on this email and will follow up with you soon to share his or her thoughts. Take that opportunity to continue the conversation. Help your broker represent your interests as well as possible and together, we can get your boat sold.

One final note. The volume of sales so far this year has left us with several open display racks at our Manatee Marina office. To encourage new listings we are extending a limited time offer. We will discount the standard storage rate for bringing a listed boat to one of these racks.

Please tell your friends. And, as always, we offer an attractive referral fee to you for any new listing you send our way.

Enjoy the summer. And thank you for the opportunity to be of service.