October Traffic Report 2017


Welcome to Season in Florida.

Whether it is called Tourist Season, Snowbird Season or the Holiday Season, the last two months of 2017 are upon us.

And with them come a surprising phenomenon this year.

While it has been a good year with 68 boats sold so far and 7 boats sold in October, the rest of the year may also be surprisingly busy.

Generally, the fourth quarter is our slowest season. That might not be the case this year.

As you know, many boaters either lost or had major damage to their dream boats this hurricane season. Boats were lost locally and around one thousand were lost or damaged in the Keys alone.

We are hearing from their owners. Whether they are from Texas, Alabama, the Keys or the Treasure Coast, there are buyers calling with insurance checks. Many are without a home now that their boat is gone.

But that is not the phenomenon I am referring to. Even before insurance checks are cut we are showing and selling boats to prospects that are moving forward due to their concerns of inventory shrinking and therefore losing out on finding the best boat at the best price. Buyers are speeding up their selection process.

We witnessed this several times last month. 

Whatever is bringing the buyers, as always, now is the best time to sell your boat.

Pricing her competitive to the market and presenting her in the best light with clean decks and interior as well as mechanics will increase her chances to attract a new owner.

We are here to help. Please give me or your broker a call.

Happy Season!

Save the date - 44th Annual Stuart Boat Show - January 12, 13, 14, 2018

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Best to you,

Tom Whittington  
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker