September Traffic Report


Welcome to October and the fourth quarter of the year. It is also the end of our eighth year at Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales.

It was slow last month with three boats closed, but we made it through. And people are still buying boats!

There is plenty of interest now in boats from Connecticut in the northeast to Louisiana in the southeast. Just ask our brokers.

We all withstood the storms and hope you did also. Thankfully, we are back listing and selling boats just like before.

There is a new difference. Lots of sales activity now after the hurricanes. I am hearing many people say they are making offers now due to their concerned that there will be less inventory to consider once insurance checks start arriving. It is true there were a lot of boats damaged around the world. And, we sell our vessels to buyers all over the world. Now is the best time to sell your boat.

There is no shortage of buyers. However, there is a shortage of buyers that are willing to buy just any boat. They are still as selective as ever.

It is a good time to make sure your boat is priced right and ready for inspection and survey. We never know when the right call will come along.

The fourth quarter of the year is usually the slowest time for our sales but the hurricanes may have changed things for boat sales.

While most of our clients' boats fared well there was still some damage reported by owners. Thankfully, it was less than we feared.

We are sorry to report that our broker, Justin Smith, lost his prize sailboat, Jasaru, to Irma's furry. He was at the time on a hill overlooking the cove and had to see her final demise. Wishing Justin better seas and a new vessel soon.

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Best to you,

Tom Whittington  
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker