March Traffic Report 2019

As we expected this first quarter was busy and it sets up the next month.   We have great listings, which is part of the reason for the high amount of traffic and boats under contract. However, today I want to share what may be a simi...
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February Traffic Report 2019

Yes, I still believe now is the best time to sell your boat. Another way of understanding that message is boats rarely appreciate. Waiting until next year or when you might think is “boat selling sea...
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January Traffic Report 2019

It's boat show season and now is the best time to sell your boat.   We have been so busy we haven't even had a chance to report on our successful Stuart Boat Show.   Yes, this year's show had good weather, gre...
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December Traffic Report 2018

We hope you are off to a great start in 2019!   The crew at Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales have been busy preparing for the Stuart Boat Show January 11-13 and hope to see you there! Give your broker a call or text to discuss you...
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November Traffic Report 2018

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the new year!    We are very busy at Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales with showings, sea trials, Stuart Boat Show preparations and adding many more listings.   With six b...
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October Traffic Report 2018

It is Boat Show Season! Less than three months until the 2019 Stuart Boat Show. The following information is to provide a high level view of the market as we see it in Florida. Our top traffic month thi...
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September Traffic Report 2018

Just like we thought. We saw the signs last month that activity was good and people were looking for their dreamboat. After selling 6 boats in August, we sold 3 boats in September. October is showing the activity...
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July Traffic Report 2018

Summer is in full swing throughout the country and just like last year people are buying boats to enjoy the water. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, now is still the best time to sell your boat. With 7 boats sold in June, 6 sold in July...
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May Traffic Report 2018

Welcome to summer! We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. Even though it was too wet for tennis, I worked to complete some new listings and sales. Memorial Day is a special day for me and our family. Especially on this day, we are than...
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Spring Traffic Report 2018

In this edition, results from both March and April are provided to you for comparison purposes. Our hope is the Traffic Report data we provide will aid in your decision making process with regard to where your boat is priced. As we know from exper...
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