April Traffic Report 2019

The Palm Beach Boat Show was well attended. I made it down with one of our clients looking for his next boat.
It cannot just be the show causing the activity we are experiencing. But April was a very busy month!
With 6 boats sold in April and even more impressive 6 boats under contract, MPYS is super active and very excited.
Our additional 5 new listings continue to bring new buyers to our web site. While they are visiting we understand they continue to search boats on our site.
We are proud of our "showcase inventory," our testimonials and our ability to bring buyers to make offers on our listings.
Now is a great time to be selling boats, for us and for you.
What disappoints us the most is going to survey and sea trial to then find out there is a deal breaker situation with the vessel.
Often it is new information that would only turn up with a survey.
If you have any, any, questions about your boat, just let us know. We have several mechanics and surveyors that for very attractive prices will assure us all we are ready!
We recommend having printouts of your engines' hours and even a moisture meter, in the right hands.
Let's be proactive.
It only takes one serious buyer to call, visit, make an offer and buy your boat.
Let's get her sold together!
Best to you,
Tom Whittington
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker