August & September Traffic Report

The delay of the August Traffic Report is not due to Hurricane Dorian, thank goodness. 
August and September, however, were crazy and busy months. 
And now we are already busy planning for the Stuart Boat Show January 10-12, 2020. We hope to see you all there looking for your next boat.
We sold 6 boats in August and sold an additional 6 in September with 7 boats under contract in October.
Another important statistic for MPYS is the listing of 8 boats in August and September. The more listings we have the more eyes on our web sites and potential opportunities to attract a buyer for your boat.
Unfortunately, while business is continuing to be good, we have spent much of our time these past two months managing issues with boats as we prepared them for their sea trials. 
Several buyers were disappointed enough to change their minds after making an agreed-upon offer. 
Sometimes the smallest thing can cause a buyer to balk. We can recover but it may mean a reduction in the offered price. 
The real disappointment to both us and our seller is when the buyer says "nevermind."
Simple things like three-year-old batteries can ruin a day on the water and certainly a sea trial. Engine and transmission fluids that have not been regularly changed and tested not only can cause potential buyers to withhold an offer but can show residues that are rejected by engine surveyors.  
Our biggest concern is for boats that sit. 
Any boat, even one that is working and has "new batteries" is at risk when she just sits unattended for a long period of time. What is a long time? It varies, but certainly, six months is just too long.
Going forward we are instituting the following requirements of all vessels prior to sea trial when boats are not used monthly.
  1. The boat must be properly detailed. This includes the bilge, engine room, cabins, and fiberglass. Often this detailing process will alert us to other unknown issues prior to a sea trial.
  2. Fluids must be up to date. All fluids. We are also recommending new oil samples be run if not available. For just a few dollars we can learn valuable information and be forewarned if necessary.
  3. Batteries must be two years old or newer or be tested.
  4. A presurvey must be conducted by either the seller, his captain or mechanic or one selected by MPYS and paid for by the boat owner. A checklist can be provided.
  5. If the boat is stored in the water either a diver or a haul-out is needed to confirm the boat hull is free of extensive growth.

We strive to have 100% acceptance by our buyers after the survey and sea trial. 
Thank you for helping us with this important step in the sales process.  
Our plan is for your broker to notify you when we receive an offer to discuss preparing your boat for survey.