February Traffic Report 2019

Yes, I still believe now is the best time to sell your boat.
Another way of understanding that message is boats rarely appreciate.
Waiting until next year or when you might think is “boat selling season” results in adding more age and hours to the boat you want to sell.
Historically, March, April and May are the best months of the year for MPYS to sell your boat.
Over the past three years we sold over 30% of our annual sales during the first quarter of the year.
Year - # of Boats Sold in 1st Quarter
2016 - 26
2017 - 28
2018 - 23
Important Reminder to all our clients!
Please run your boat before a survey or sea trial. We want to avoid surprises that may cause a buyer to reject the vessel.
Many factors this time of year bring out serious buyers:

Hurricane season is out of mind

The weather in Florida is perfect

Buyers up north are preparing for spring

Economic issues like tax returns are better understood

It is just a good time to think about being on the water

Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales is very thankful to have your confidence and trust.
We are looking forward to selling your boat and hopefully adding your comments to our many testimonials.
Best to you,
Tom Whittington
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker