March Traffic Report 2019

As we expected this first quarter was busy and it sets up the next month.
We have great listings, which is part of the reason for the high amount of traffic and boats under contract. However, today I want to share what may be a similar refrain from me but one presented in a different manner. 
It takes either time on the market or the right price to sell any boat.
Yes, I know you have heard from day one that if your vessel is receiving 100 views or more per week we probably have her priced right and we should get calls. While that is still and should always be valid, sales this past month bring another factor into account.
Our website this month brought us two of our Buyers; not Google, not Yachtworld or Boat Trader but
I interview and collect data from Buyers and Sellers alike and this month I learned that prospective Buyers "troll" or view our website often. They like the quality as well as variety we continue to have.
Sailboaters have come to our site looking for their customary method of travel only to buy a trawler. I do not recall the reverse happening. 
Yet, a trawler prospect just submitted an offer on one of our express model boats. After this sale closes, I will give you more details that validate for me the importance of the Stuart Boat Show!
So my message today is there are many ways we find Buyers. Experience shows us it takes time or the right price.
Best to you,
Tom Whittington
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker