May Traffic Report 2018


Welcome to summer!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. Even though it was too wet for tennis, I worked to complete some new listings and sales. Memorial Day is a special day for me and our family. Especially on this day, we are thankful to all the men and women who gave their life in service to the United States. God Bless.

Our main objective at Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales is to sell your boat. This goal is reflected in our tagline, "Getting You The Best Possible Price For Your Boat."

How do we do this? We begin by displaying her on leading search engines, creating accurate and attractive advertisements, and formulating a listing price that yields calls, showings and offers.

We think about this daily and strategize accordingly. We continually monitor how we are doing and how we can improve.

With 6 boats sold in May and 34 so far in 2018, we are seeing positive results for many of you and for the sellers who have already sold their boats. Last month, we added nine new listings to our inventory. 

But what about you? We really want to sell your boat!

MPYS was very fortunate to have Ian MacDonald, Sales VP of Boats Group, (owner of Yachtworld, Boat Trader and visit us recently as a follow-up to our Boats Group Advisory Board meeting in Miami last month.

I invited Ian to Stuart to share with us ideas on how we can better serve you in selling your boat. I was looking for suggestions on improving our listing write-ups, reviewing our marketing strategy and ideas where we could attract more prospective buyers to our inventory.

While Ian did offer some tips we are implementing, like using the “perfect” opening picture and including detailed descriptions, his analysis of our traffic on Yachtworld, Boat Trader and is validating to the way our business is growing and to our success overall.

He audited our sites and thoroughly reviewed his findings with us. The net of his comments are very encouraging. Our sales metrics, the results of data from our Internet traffic, are above the industry average.

Ian said, "Whatever you are doing, it is working!"

To look at one measurement called "Click-Through Rate," the number of times a click is made divided by the total impressions, the report shows 4.04%. He shared the industry average of their US brokerage clients is 0.7%. I was not totally surprised but I wanted to know why he thought we were doing so well. 

In comparing last year's numbers with that of 2018 he explained that the quality of our boats, their competitive pricing and professional listings are attracting more and more prospects to our various sites with many being repeat visitors. This year, our click through rate is even higher than in 2017.

Success increases success.

It was great to have Ian here. He now has some homework to recommend additional areas of improvement for us. Even though we are pleased with his report we are always looking to improve. Stay tuned.

Have a great summer!

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Best to you,

Tom Whittington  
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker