October Traffic Report 2018

It is Boat Show Season!
Less than three months until the 2019 Stuart Boat Show.
The following information is to provide a high level view of the market as we see it in Florida.
Our top traffic month this year was April with over 30,000 views of our listings.
Traffic has tapered off during the year with about 23,000 visits in September.
Historically, the last quarter of the year is our slowest month for traffic, but it is still busy with sales. 
In the fourth quarter of 2017, we sold twenty-one boats then started 2018 with seven boats sold in January.
Thus, this past year, sales during that timeframe represents a significant 25+% of our annual sales.
So while it is Boat Show Season, we hope it will be your season soon.
Wishing each of you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.
Important Reminder to all...VOTE!