Save our River!


The Stuart Sunrise Rotary Club hosted Todd Weissing of the Rivers Coalition at this week's Thursday meeting at Monarch Country Club.

We are pleased to share his message as well as support the mission of the Rivers Coalition.


Todd Weissing spoke on behalf of the Rivers Coalition – an organization founded over 20 years ago to be a force for clean water in the community.
Todd pointed out that we have had health warnings here in Martin County because of the Toxic Algae that is in the water that is released from Lake Okeechobee.  Nine of the past 15 years have seen our blue St. Lucie river turn to a black poisonous mess that hurts our tourism and marine industries. He pointed ouat that the economic benefits from the clean water and its jobs exceeds 800 million a year. 
He pointed out that we are making real progress in the last couple of years.  On the federal front there is activity led by Congressman Mast as well as great support and funding from Governor DeSantis and Nikki Fried.  
The Corps of Engineers have been able to keep the lake water level at about 11.5 feet reducing releases to the rivers. The South Florida Water Management District is working to keep water flowing South to the Everglades while accommodating the agricultural community.

The Rivers Coalition is having a meeting on July 25th at Stuart City Hall at 6 p.m.

For more information go .  The group has a newsletter called FORCE . 

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