Spring Traffic Report 2018


In this edition, results from both March and April are provided to you for comparison purposes. Our hope is the Traffic Report data we provide will aid in your decision making process with regard to where your boat is priced. As we know from experience, setting a 'smart price' has a direct impact on the timely sale of vessels on the market.

We are pleased with the sales activity so far this spring season.

Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales sold ten boats in March and five boats in April.
Our inventory increased by adding eight new listings in March and six new listings in April. 

Our quarterly figures show we are ahead of last year!

Boats Sold
1st Quarter of 2018: 23
1st Quarter of 2017: 20

The synergy our company creates with others in the marine industry is important to us. These mutually beneficial relationships result in more awareness of our company and therefore, your boat's presence on the market. Earlier this month, we initiated and hosted a "Meet and Greet" to introduce a new neighbor of ours in the Manatee Pocket. We held the event at Geoffrey Smith's Gallery to welcome Eric Hruska, the new Service Manager of Hinckley in Stuart. It was well attended and guests from various local business enjoyed networking in such a unique venue.

On May 15, I will again attend, along with thirteen other US yacht brokers, Boats Group Advisory Council meeting in Miami. We are pleased to represent you at the meeting. Boats Group, LLC, the owner of Yachtworld and Boat Trader, brings us together to review their planned application enhancements and discuss the current state of our industry.

While most of the participants are larger companies than MPYS, I have validated two things by attending.

1.) We all list and sell boats the same way. Our best practices at MPYS are the same as the ones my fellow Advisory Council members are using.

2.) There are several hundred yacht brokerages in the US. MPYS represents 70% of those brokerages with annual sales around 100 vessels. Representing such a large percentage of their customer base gives us an important voice with the Boats Group Advisory Group.

If you have any recommendations on how your search experience could be improved, please let me know. I would love to share the information with my colleagues and Boats Group, LLC.

We hope to report your boat sold very soon.

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Best to you,

Tom Whittington  
Licensed Florida Yacht Broker