January 2021 Traffic Report Message from Tom Whittington

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Yes, it is boat show season, again!
I was not sure I would be saying this in 2021.
The Stuart Boat Show came very close to not happening. Until this month the Palm Beach Boat Show was in question.
People still want to buy boats.
If the Stuart Boat Show and last year’s Fort Lauderdale Show are indicators, buyers can confidently attend an event that has the proper safeguards in place.
As the Vice President of the Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast, I am very proud of our successful 2021 Boat Show. We are reporting record crowds!
Please stand by for more news on the impact the MIATC is making on Workforce Readiness on the Treasure Coast. The revenues earned at the show go back to our community.
2020 was definitely a record breaker for Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales.
While it is impossible to predict another 100 plus year of boat sales, we are off and running with 8 boats closed in January and another 3 boats under contract thus far in February.
Our current inventory continues to climb and the dollar value represented is at an all time high.
Two factors impact our growth in those areas. We have the best yacht broker team we have ever enjoyed and have just added Stuart Cantin and Jamieson Curry bringing MPYS to a team of ten active brokers. Second, sellers are understanding now is the best time to sell their boats and we, Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales, will get them the best possible price for their boat.
Yes, I am a broken record on this subject but once again last month it was evident we need to do a “Health Check” on every listing we add to our inventory.
What is a Health Check?
It can be as simple as letting our captain test run your boat or do a computer print out of your four stroke engine or having our surveyor complete a Professional Health Check of your entire vessel.
Remember, every boat will probably go to survey. The buyer will see in the report all the issues, both known and unknown. They can either renegotiate or walk. All found issues must be presented to future potential buyers.
The old advertisement of “you can pay me now or pay me later,” certainly applies here.
Let MPYS arrange a Health Check for your boat. You pay the up front cost of the inspection and we will credit the cost back to you when we sell your boat.
This is a win-win for us all.
We are still locking our office doors and asking you and our prospects to wear a mask when we meet. Fortunately, we are receiving no push back from anyone. We are getting our shots but still being cautious.
We hope you will be also.
Please tell your friends about us. We paid thousands of dollars in referral fees last year. We would love to send you a check.
Please do not forget your favorite non-profit. They need our help now more than ever.