Why list your yacht with Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales?

The brokers at Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales have your best interest at heart.

Only by exceeding your expectations will you feel compelled to tell others about our services.

Three key items that are critical in selecting your yacht broker:

1. Can your broker quickly arrange to show your vessel once a prospect shows an interest in seeing her? How quickly?

2. Will your boat be actively or passively marketed? Ask the brokers you are considering if they know what that means.

3. Do you have a referral or reference for the broker you are considering?

Size of inventory and number of brokers only has a small impact on selling your boat. Most brokers do the same thing in marketing on popular web sites. Print media is rarely how current buyers discover their dream boat. It is all about the Internet and how effectively the broker uses it. To the buyer looking for his or her boat of choice all brokers appear to be the same size on the Internet.

Brokers that sell new inventory often can confuse a buyer looking for a brokerage boat. Maybe he should buy a boat with more warranty or one with no hours. Does that describe the boat that you want to sell?

Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales can show your boat quickly. Usually with only a couple of hours notice.

We use our professional design Web site with Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn to drive more traffic and maximize the exposure of your boat.

Our network of remote brokers and franchise relationship with Robert Christopher Yacht Sales gives us many outlets to expose your boat for sale.

We work for testimonials and in fact, referrals are where many of our listings originate.

May we list and sell your boat?

I travel a lot...can you sell my boat if I am not physically present?

Yes, MPYS sells a number of boats for remote sellers.

With the use of our electronic software, YachtCloser, we can list and sell boats for both sellers and buyers that are not located in Stuart.

We use State of Florida instraments like Power of Attorneys to assist our clients in representing and selling their vessels.

Boats can stay at their present berth or come to Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales for exclusive exposure around a number of restaurants and other boaters.

Give us a call for more information on how we can help sell your boat.

Where can I get my vessel pumped out?

If you live on your boat or take regular, long term trips, then you know that she is constantly needing to be pumped out. If you are here in the Martin County area or just passing through and need your boat pumped out, The M.S. POOP is at your service. The vessel can be reached on VHF marine radio channel 16 or by cell phone at (772) 260-8326. To comply with the mooring standards in the regulated areas of our county, you must have a receipt showing proof of a pump out in the last ten days from an authorized pump out facility or the M.S. POOP.

Let us help you sell your boat!

Cleaning the bottom of your boat?

We are sharing with you our prospects and clients the following information provided by Dockside Marine Service.

Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales suggest to all of our clients to continue to monitor the condition of the bottom or your vessel or better yet arrange for a contract service to assure your boat is ready for operation. Lack of routine maintenance makes selling your vessel difficult. Please contact us for specific questions for getting ready for sea trials and survey.

This following is a GENERAL NOTE intended for everyone's information and provided by Dockside Marine Service:
Your distance from the Roosevelt Bridge will determine the rate of growth on your boat, Sunset Bay Marina being the fastest growth, then Loggerhead, Apex, Deck, etc.  Please know that just 2 weeks after cleaning, your waterline and running gear will be heavily fouled, and your hull will have thick algae at minimum (even on new paint - it just comes off easier).  This note has to be sent, as we get a few calls from customers, after boats are hauled, who think we're not doing our job. In reality, within 4 days of a cleaning, most hulls show growth (the best time to test your running gear is in that 4 day window).  After one month, the growth is so thick and healthy.  It's now dangerously sharp, with obstacles under many boats to avoid and the water becomes filthy, while being toxic. We're trying to keep our rates down, but the weaker your paint is, the faster the growth, the harder it is to scrape off, and the worse it is for the remaining paint.  Hope this helps you understand.

Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales is pleased to refer Dockside Marine Services and recommend considering their words to the wise as stated above.