April 2020 Traffic Report Message from Tom Whittington

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Welcome to May!

We are thankful a new month is here.
We hope you are safely navigating your way along with your family and friends.
Amidst the disruption to most everything in our daily lives, let us not lose sight of our many blessings.
We are so grateful Manatee Pocket Yacht Sales team is healthy and our families are, too.
Also, let’s keep the front line workers in our thoughts as they continue to help others in this challenging time.
While we have kept our office doors locked we have not stopped the process of advertising and selling your boat.
In fact, after above average sales of 15 boats in March, we closed another 5 in April! This was accomplished while maintaining a safe distance with patient sellers and buyers.
Yes, at first we were somewhat surprised.
We added three new listings last month. No doubt boat owners have been enjoying extra time on the water lately. Each additional boat added to our inventory will bring more buyers to our sites.
Fortunately, our business is truly Internet driven. With our industry leading software, YachtCloser, and proven professional yacht brokers, MPYS continues to be in contact with buyers and sellers from our virtual offices.
Many people have commented to us about how slow our business must be due to the shutdown.
To the contrary.
With people staying home and often not having a lot to do, e-mail and phone inquiries reached a level in April we have never witnessed before. It’s amazing how that worked out.
As brokers, we have discussed how many peoples’ plans and “bucket lists” may be changing. Money to purchase a boat may be coming from what was earmarked for a cruise or a trip overseas. For whatever reason, people are still buying boats.
How did we sell boats without shaking hands to close the deal?
1. On many deals we never meet the buyer. This is not new. It is due to the reputation and trust we have developed over our decade of operation.
2. Critical partnerships with our detailers, mechanics, transporters, insurance and financing agents are key to maintaining the life cycle of the deal. We are actually functioning as a much larger organization due to the long term relationships we have developed with valued resources.
3. MPYS provides on-site registration and titling services for the boats we sell! We have a strategic online application that lets us continue the process of selling boats and trailers. With our local Department of Motor Vehicles offices closed, many buyers and their financing companies were reluctant to move forward. We satisfied their concern. We have the ability to provide the same services our county tax collector provides through a tool we implemented years ago. We can print registrations and even provide permanent trailer tags. Titles are mailed or maintained electronically.
Going forward…our business is open.
Our office doors will remain locked for the foreseeable future. Please, just knock if you come by to see us. Even if no one is in the office, we are always available by phone, text or email.
This week, many showings and sea trials are scheduled with some already completed.
We ask that if we meet in person, please maintain a safe distance. If you are not wearing your own mask, we will provide you with a disposable mask and request you wear it during our time together.
So far, so good. Not knowing enough on when we are truly in the clear, let’s all continue to proceed with caution.
Thank you for your continued trust.
Please stay safe!
God bless.