August 2020 Traffic Report Message from Tom Whittington

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The beginning of September has not seen a slow down with 5 boats closed so far this month, 3 more boats under contract and 6 new listings.
As always please feel free to contact your broker if you are wondering how the views are going on your boat. We want at least one hundred people to view her every week. Even if some of them look at her more than once.
Everyone has heard that swimming pools, RVs and boats are selling at a record level.
Many businesses are running out of boat inventory.
With all the RVs I see, I can’t imagine they will sell out.
And pools? They just need to dig more holes.
But for us it is all about getting more inventory, every month.
We are blessed by how many past buyers bring their boats to us when ready to sell. Both sellers and buyers are telling their friends about MPYS.
We hope our efforts will encourage you to do the same.
As you may know the last quarter of most years is our slowest sales time.
Weather worries and thoughts about the Holiday Season often cause buyers to delay boat purchases in November and December.
We do not know if this year will be different.
We do know that now is the best time to sell your boat.
Yes, we are still selling boats but are already seeing some drop off in views, calls and emails. It is impossible to know how long this sales trend on recreational purchases will continue.
Let’s make sure your boat is ready for her new owner.
Both pricing and condition are important.
Your broker is standing by.
We want your boat to be sold soon.