Bathtub Beach/Sailfish Point Nourishment

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United States Coast Guard (OAN)
909 Southeast First Avenue, Room 406
Miami, Florida 33131-3050
Serial Letter No.: 11200133-01
Attention: Mr. Leonard D. Newsom
Reference: Bathtub Beach/Sailfish Point Nourishment (Re-Bid)
Martin County, Florida
Project No.: RFB2020-3240
Subject: Notice to Mariners
Dear Mr. Newsom
Starting approximately 18 February 2021 and continuing until approximately 1 May 2021
equipment and submerged line will be anchored along the right descending (south) bank of St.
Lucie Inlet between Green Day Beacon 9 (LLNR 10145) and Green Day Beacon 17 (LLNR
10170). The equipment will have all required lighting for night operations. Starting approximately
10 March 2021 and continuing until approximately 25 March 2021 Weeks Marine will be laying a
submerged line in preparations for dredging operations (location of subline provided below).
The Staging Area will be bound by following approximate positions:
27° 9’51.663″N, 80° 9’55.501″W
27° 9’47.544″N, 80°10’7.995″W
27° 9’46.661″N, 80°10’23.686″W
27° 9’51.955″N, 80°10’23.983″W
27° 9’51.642″N, 80°10’6.473″W
27° 9’53.551″N, 80° 9’55.433″W
Starting approximately 25 March 2021 and continuing until approximately 25 April 2021 the
Weeks Marine hydraulic dredge “Borinquen” will be dredging fill material from borrow area(s)
Sailfish Point Channel, Federal Navigation Channel and Impoundment Basin, bound by following
approximate positions:
Borrow Area 1- Sailfish Point Channel:
27°10’53.96″N, 80°10’18.69″W
27°10’15.54″N, 80°10’17.47″W
27°10’1.14″N, 80° 9’33.95″W
27°10’8.55″N, 80° 9’32.64″W
27°10’17.34″N, 80°10’8.03″W
27°10’29.28″N, 80°10’12.62″W
27°10’47.54″N, 80°10’9.06″W
Borrow Area 2- Federal Navigation Channel:
27°10’3.52″N, 80° 9’38.71″W
27° 9’57.81″N, 80° 9’38.13″W
27° 9’58.52″N, 80° 8’28.43″W
27°10’5.22″N, 80° 8’28.55″W
Borrow Area 3- Impoundment Basin:
27°10’8.11″N, 80° 9’31.98″W
27°10’1.13″N, 80° 9’33.14″W
27°10’1.65″N, 80° 9’0.43″W
27°10’8.67″N, 80° 9’0.64″W
Booster Location will be bound by the following approximate positions:
27°10’42.17″N, 80°10’19.10″W
27°10’42.16″N, 80°10’17.42″W
27°10’39.39″N, 80°10’17.44″W
27°10’39.40″N, 80°10’19.11″W
Fill material will be deposited in the designated placement area using a combination of floating
and submerged pipeline, bound by following approximate positions:
27°11’14.36″N, 80° 9’39.99″W
27°10’37.86″N, 80° 9’26.49″W
27°10’40.48″N, 80° 9’16.59″W
27°11’18.37″N, 80° 9’29.22″W
The pipeline corridor will be bound by the following approximate positions:
27°10’42.98″N, 80° 9’27.87″W
27°10’45.14″N, 80° 9’19.99″W
27°10’8.56″N, 80° 9’3.71″W
27°10’7.41″N, 80° 9’11.44″W
Once underway, operations will continue on a twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven days per
week basis. The dredge and attendant plant will have all required Coast Guard lighting for night
operations. The dredge and tugs will monitor marine VHF channels 13 and 16. Mariners are
urged to use extreme caution and transit the area at their slowest safe speed to create minimum
wake after passing arrangements have been made.
Your office will be notified immediately if there are any changes to our schedule. If you have any
questions or require additional information, please contact me at (985) 875-2500 or or project managers on site:
Doug Nelson – (985) 237-9667,
Alberto Saavedra – (985) 264-1479,
Best Regards,
Miguel A. Cruz
Office Engineer
Bucket, Hopper, & Hydraulic Groups