June 2020 Traffic Report Message from Tom Whittington

Summer in Florida is here!
I am sharing our Traffic Report from July two years ago.
July 2018
Summer is in full swing throughout the country and just like last year (2017) people are buying boats to enjoy the water.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, now is still the best time to sell your boat.
With 7 boats sold in June, 6 sold in July and 48 boats sold this year, it is clear that optimism with our economy coupled with reasonable fuel cost has buyers seeking their dream boat.
MPYS sales by month in 2017 ranged consistently from 7-14 boats per month.
If your boat is not attracting enough views to result in showings, let’s make sure we are talking. It is going to come down to price and condition in the end, but if we aren’t getting enough views it is only price.
The above was our message two years ago. Good economy and reasonable fuel prices.
It all sounds like the perfect time to sell your boat.
What about now with the chaos we are experiencing?
Unlike any situation any of us have experienced and certainly nothing I have seen in selling boats for 14 years, this summer, just like the summer of 2018, is the best time to sell your boat. At least for now.
With 63 boats sold so far in 2020 and 14 sold in June after a record breaking May of 16 boats, MPYS continues to navigate our current storm and sell boats.
Is the activity just that it is summer or is it the fallout from the pandemic?
We are hearing the following three comments over and over.
"I just have always wanted a boat. I am not waiting any longer."
"I have more disposable money now. I can not go on the cruise or Disney. I can’t even go see my grandchildren. And interest rates are low."
"I just feel safer on the water."
Whatever the reason, this is the time to get your boat a new captain.
If your boat is not getting offers it comes down possibly to one or more of the following:
  • Her value for the buyer does not match her price.
  • The buyer sees too much effort to get her on the water.
  • Her age makes acquiring financing difficult.
Certainly, there are other potential reasons that buyers express but it can always come down to price. And, of course, the buyer still wants to get a deal.
For us we know there has never been a selling opportunity like today!
Please continue to stay vigilant. I could spend the whole Traffic Report on this topic.
We are wearing face masks and requiring people we deal with to wear them also. Will it make a difference? We don’t know for sure but it is the decision we all made at MPYS.
This too will pass. One safe day at a time.
We hope you had a great Fourth of July and enjoy your summer.
And please, tell your friends that now is the best time to sell their boat!
We need more listings!
Best to you.