January 2020 Traffic Report Message from Tom Whittington

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It is selling season.
And it is a beautiful time of year here in Florida. We hope you are enjoying it. If not, stay warm.
Business is also good here on the Treasure Coast.
Our activity has been very busy since the boat show but we are just now seeing the results of our great listings and the improving activity of prospective buyers.
While we are not seeing a significant increase in impressions and views, the larger number of emails and phone calls is noticeable.
Showings are up significantly, which of course, we hope will lead to offers and sales.
Unfortunately, we are still having issues at survey with some deals.
It may seem simple and easy to overcome but weak batteries, failing pumps or faulty electrical switches can delay and sometimes ruin a sale of an otherwise great boat.
Recently, we had issues with moisture in the hull and even moisture in the stringers. No one expected this but it can certainly change a buyer’s perspective. Both boats are still for sale and prospective buyers are informed of findings from prior surveys. Armed with this information buyers are still showing interest. If we had known this before, the boats may already be sold.
We know of several surveyors that for a reasonable price will be glad to check out your boat. This may help make your sale date a reality.
After selling 68 boats in 2019 we sold an additional 4 boats in January. This compares to 4 boats sold in January 2019.
We have 9 boats under contract with several that would have closed in January with a clean and smooth survey.
The number of new listings are well above average with 18 boats added to our inventory in January. We hope you are telling your friends about our website and our great variety of boats.
I visited our state capital in January as a board member of the Marine Industries Association of the Treasure Coast. I was impressed with our lobby organization and the attention our industry has of the state legislators.
The MIA of Florida is doing much more for our area and state than I was aware of before my trip.
I have made a decision to run for president this May with a focus on increasing the Treasure Coast Job Force Readiness and Training in marine related trades.
The Stuart Boat Show makes this a possibility. Thank you for your support.